Save Overview

Put yourself first by saving for your future!

First Connecticut has just the account you’re looking for whether it’s saving for retirement, vacations, college tuition, or the holidays. Open and maintain a $5.00 regular share savings and have access to a variety of special savings accounts that fit your need.

Below is a list of all the ways you can save with First Connecticut Credit Union:

  • Regular Share Savings: A simple and easy savings account.
  • Share Draft Checking: No monthly fees or minimum balance requirements.
  • Money Market Accounts: You can save more with a higher return on your money.
  • Individual Retirement Accounts: Plan for retirement and some of life's other major events.
  • Holiday Club Accounts: A convenient way to make it an extra special holiday season.
  • Vacation Club Accounts: A convenient way to save for your dream getaway.
  • Certificates: A great way to get a higher return on money you do not need to use right now.

And remember, your funds are also federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.